Comprehensive reading improvement

Asymmetrica (Asym) is a patent-pending format for asymmetrically adjusting the spacing between words. This format builds visual cues into the text itself, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of reading.

Why does it work?
Good readers have longer eye movements, shorter fixations (pauses during reading), and make fewer regressions (backtracking movements) – a pattern which makes reading more efficient and more effective than for poor readers. Asym works by providing all readers visual cues within the text that subtly encourage the eye movement patterns that good readers have learned to do naturally. These visual reminders help readers to pause and chunk phrases into units of meaning when the brain would naturally pause during sentence comprehension.

This technique of emphasizing units of meaning with visual cues has been laboratory and field-tested by scientists in a variety of disciplines for over 50 years in dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles. These studies have demonstrated that manual and semi-automated application of this technique improves reading speed, comprehension, and enjoyment by 10-40%.

How does it work?
Asym is a software-based method that automatically applies this asymmetrical spacing to documents. It analyzes the organization of languages to determine how to best format word spaces to improve reading comprehension. Then it applies this analysis to modify the format of the spaces between words in real time to web or other documents.

Why do I need this?
Fifty percent of Americans struggle to read at an eighth grade level. All readers – but especially those struggling readers – will benefit from and be able to read, understand, and remember your message better with Asym applied to your branding and marketing content.