Better  Formatting  =  Real  Conversions

What Do You Want  To Optimize?

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Convert more visitors on your pages

adding Asym to your landing pages gives you an additional 8-12% lift in conversions

without changing the words or design of your pages

You put a lot of effort into developing your landing pages. You may even do extensive research and in-depth analyses to determine who the campaign’s target audience is and what parameters are going to get them to convert. Why not add Asym to your stack?

We install a small amount of code on every landing page we optimize. This code formats the text in a way that makes it easier for users to interact with the page. Adding a small nuanced spacing or “chunking” of text makes a BIG impact on your landing page conversion rate. Contact us today to learn more.

Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Optimized shopping cart pages for improved sales

Why settle for lower conversion rates when adding Asym can give you an immediate lift of 5-7% on your shopping cart conversions?

This is money you could have today

Ecommerce sites put a lot of effort into their shopping cart and lead collecting activities. This is with good reason; those pages are some of the most important parts of an ecommerce site and flow. On which pages of your site do users leave the sales on the table? Often it is the shopping cart.

Using the Asym Shopping Cart Optimization solution allows you to increase your sales immediately. You can still use analytics, AB testing and other tools to understand how your users interact with your site and apply the necessary changes that will get them to convert even more. Asym will give all of your optimization efforts a boost. Contact us today. The additional sales you will gain will make you glad you did.

Optimize Your Training Content

Optimize training content for improved comprehension and retention

The Asym Training Content Solution is based on over sixty years of academic research

It has been proven to improve reading comprehension by a whole grade level

The Asym Training Content Optimization solution helps organizations and businesses that need to deliver skills transfer training and want to improve the retention and comprehension of the course material. Professional training often means the learners are not homogenous but come to the training from a diverse background and varying degree of skills. Trainers know that the average attention span of a human has dropped to 8 seconds. They have to learn to adapt their curriculum to address short attention spans, reading and learning disabilities and a whole host of distractions.

Using the Asym Training Content Optimization solution allows you to improve your learners’ comprehension and retention immediately. Learn more about Asym Training Content Optimization solutions for your training programs. Contact us today. Your learners will retain and comprehend your courses when you use Asym.

Optimize Your Employee Communications Efforts

The Asym Internal Content solution ultimately helps improve customer satisfaction

Asym can have an immediate positive effect on your employee retention and comprehension of information across your business

it can be fine tuned for individual employees to optimize comprehension for everyone

Identifying the critical body of knowledge that employees should comprehend to support their work is one part of the challenge to optimize internal communications. Often specific objectives such as improving managerial communications, increasing employees’ understanding of business goals, clarifying how their work helps achieve those goals, and motivating employees to take supportive actions can improve overall customer satisfaction. Asym Internal Content solutions give comprehension and retention of critical knowledge a much needed boost.

Effective organizational and managerial communications have been linked to improved employee comprehension of company goals and strategies. In companies of any size having a communication strategy that is focused on optimizing the digital and printed content that is developed for internal use will increase employee productivity. Learn more about the Asym Internal Content Optimization solution. Contact us today.

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Construction Industry Training Council

CITC offers training programs in a variety of in-demand skilled trades. It is an accredited sponsor of the National Center for Construction Education and Research and also is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training (OAT).

CITC used the Asym Training Optimization Solution to help students comprehend training content faster.