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The quickest way to boost engagement

Asym improves the stickiness of your message. Customers remember more and stay longer.

You can set up a free test in under 5 minutes.

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information overwhelm

Firehose, blizzard, or tsunami?
Surfing the web is a combination of all three.
Help your content emerge from the information overload.

Improve sales funnels

Sales funnels start with attention.
Asym's subtle cues pull attention to specific parts of your message. More attention to your message equals more sales.

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Lift Performance

Increase performance at the touch of a button.
Make text easier to scan by subtly adjusting the spaces around key words. No need to change the words or add obtrusive colors. Check out the demos and A/B test us for free.


In Conversion Rates


In Total Revenue

Get Results

People like text that is easier to understand. With Asym, your messages have more impact.
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Simplicity defined.

Easy Installation

Asym can be installed on most sites in about the time it takes to make a coffee. We can help, or you can set it up yourself. Sites over 50,000 visitors a month take slightly longer; they can get set up in under a day.

Quick Turnaround

No need to create dev teams or do exhaustive user-testing with Asym. Install it and your users will read easier - instantly. You can A/B test it or we can help set it up. There is no quicker way to boost performance.

Simple Premise

Asym makes text easier to read. People spend less time on low value words, more time on high value words. They get deeper into your content, remember it better, and are more likely to act on it.

Now at the flip of a switch.


Ad-driven or subscription, you need more page views, more recommends & longer dwell times.
Asym does that.


You need more items added to the sales cart. Crucially, you need more paid checkouts.
Asym does that.

Landing pgs

If you have a message, any message, you want people to understand it and remember it.
Asym does that.


You need faster learning outcomes with higher retention & deeper comprehension.
Asym does that.

Optimize Your
Ad-driven & Subscription Content

Make your content easier to understand and your readers will like it more.

Asym uses complex neuroscience to make your text easier to read - all bundled into a simple API delivery system

it can be fine tuned to match the content you offer

Monetizing published content can be difficult because of the constant distractions that pull readers away from your material. Whether those distractions be Facebook, email, or competing publications, once you have readers on your page, the challenge is to keep them there and get them to continue to the next article, and the next.

Asym uses neuroscience to make your text easier to scan. It delivers a complex system that draws attention to semantic words without style changes or obtrusive elements - and it can be fine-tuned to match the content you offer.

With Asym readers can find what they are looking for quicker and spend less effort making sense of the verbiage. You get a guaranteed ROI of 10-20x what you spend, a free trial period to see the results for yourself, and a pricing model that adjusts to suit your demands.
Its an advanced solution bundled into a simple delivery system. Press the button below to start testing for free.

Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Optimize your shopping cart pages for improved sales

Why settle for lower conversion rates when adding Asym can give you an immediate lift of 5-7% on your shopping cart conversions?

This is money you could have today

Ecommerce sites put a lot of effort into their shopping cart and lead collecting activities. This is with good reason; the shopping cart is where users typically leave the most sales uncompleted. Subtle improvements to the sales cart pages directly boost closed sales.

Asym's enhanced formatting allows you to increase your sales immediately. It integrates perfectly with analytics, AB testing and other tools that improve how your users interact with your site. It can even be customized after installation to suit the reading characteristics of you audience.

Used alone or in stacked with other optimization tools, Asym is a quick and easy optimization solution. Press the button below to begin testing it for free, no commitments required.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Convert more visitors on your pages

adding Asym to your landing pages gives you an additional 8-12% lift in conversions

without changing the words or design of your pages

You put a lot of effort into developing your landing pages. You may even do extensive research and in-depth analyses to determine who the campaign’s target audience is and what parameters are going to get them to convert.

In many cases adding Asym to your stack is the least expensive and quickest way to impact your conversion rates. You install our 2 lines of code. Asym then formats the text on your pages to make your content easier to skim and retain. These cumulative small improvements in readability throughout a page lead to a significant impact on the ultimate conversion rate. We predict lifts in conversion rates anywhere between 7-40%, with a guaranteed 10-20X ROI.

Test our claims easily, for free, with no commitments. Press the button below to start using deep neuroscience to lift conversion rates.

Optimize Your Educational Content

Optimize educational material for improved comprehension and retention

The neuroscience behind Asym is based on over sixty years of academic research

It has been proven to improve reading comprehension by a whole grade level

Learners have limited attention spans and varying degrees of motivation. They often come from a diverse background and lack a homogeneous foundational skill set. Preparing effective learning material for these learners can be challenging.

Using Asym lowers the friction involved in delivering the material and allows learners to focus on the intrinsically difficult concepts. Learners put less work into the extrinsic load required to get through the text and have more available working memory to dedicate to applying the learning objectives.

Press the button below to bring the benefits of neuroscience to your educational content. There is no easier way to address short attention spans, literacy issues, and other learning challenges.

featured customer


Construction Industry Training Council

CITC offers training programs in a variety of in-demand skilled trades. It is an accredited sponsor of the National Center for construction Education and Research and also is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training (OAT).

CITC used the Asym Training Optimization Solution to help students comprehend training content faster.