Browser  Installation

The  Asym  Browser  Extension

welcome to Asym!

Step 1

Download Asym by double-clicking on the browser you are using.

On your laptop or desktop, download Asym by clicking on the icon of the browser you are using. (Links are disabled on phones if the extension is not compatible)

When you first download Asym, it will create a button on your browser's menubar with the Asym icon (looks like an 'a').

Step 2

Click on the icon and enter your email address as your user name. If you already have an Asym account, be sure to log in.
We collect a username in order to securely authenticate your access to our servers.

Step 3

Once you're logged in, Asym will be active and you can start benefiting from the Asym Effect. The pages that your browse, including dynamic content, will automatically be adjusted.



Customized Information Chunking

This slider lets you increase or decrease the Asym Effect. If you want the information chunks to be less noticeable, slide the bar to the left. If you want the information chunks to be more noticeable, side the bar to the right. Experiment and create the reading experience that suits you. 

If you find a setting that hits the spot, tweet about it using hashtag #AsymEffect and we will use your feedback to shape our next iteration.

Customized Global Spacing

This slider lets you compress or expand the spaces between words on any webpage. For a shorter, more compressed reading experience, slide the bar to the left. To increase the spacing and give words more room to breathe, slide the bar to the right.


Asym includes a website blacklist feature: Any sites on your blacklisted pages list will not be processed with Asym – no data from these pages will leave your browser. You can add to and delete from this list at any time.

The slider below your current site URL allows you to block the specific page (e.g., 12.html), the specific subdomain (, or the entire domain (

Disable on the fly

If you're having issues with a website that you believe may be due to Asym, you can temporarily disable the extension. If you click on the Asym icon in the browser menubar, you can select the 'Disable Asym' checkbox that is located under the 'Settings' menu. If you do experience an issue with a website, please contact us below and let us know. We want to make the extension as transparent and flawless as possible for all users.

Security first

A browser extension is similar to a browser plugin, but extensions are much more lightweight and secure. We opted to go with the more secure extension option.



The Asym menu bar icon will change based on the status of the extension.

The regular 'a' icon means that the extension is idle and operating normally.

If the icon is overlaid with a question mark, the extension is having issues reaching Asymmetrica's servers, or you may not have logged in to the extension.

If Asym is performing a server request, a '>>' symbol will be overlaid over the icon.

Finally, if you've disabled Asym a 'circle-x' will appear.