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Adjusting spaces is profitable


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Click Through Rate


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Total Revenue

we boost conversion rates


Asym chunks in real time. Readers can spend less time processing information and understand more, faster.

we help online retailers


Companies who tune the word spacing to suit their audience sell more product.

we help direct marketers


Readers are more likely to engage with content that is easier to consume.

Text  is no longer robotic and uniform.
Our formatting provides  visual cues  that make text easier  for people  to read.

Easy integration


Our enterprise solution. Get Asym into every page on your site. Instant, scalable, and maintenance free. Contact us to learn more.


Want to quickly test Asym on your site? Contact us to get a few lines of Javascript. All of your content will get the Asym effect.


Want Asym for personal use? You can download a free browser extension. Any site you view will get the Asym effect.

Asym Spacing is simple and easy to apply

Once our two-line JavaScript Widget is installed, all of your content will have Asym Spacing applied automatically in your users' browsers. Even better, you can access our simple JSON API directly via trivial command-line tool or easily integrate into your CMS.
You don't need to spin up a team to manage the process. We don't make money from unnecessary, high-touch, expensive consulting. Everything we do goes directly into the success of you and your users.

Zero friction

On our recommended setting Asym is barely noticable.

Maximum Asym Effect

Recommended Asym Intensity

Asym reformats text milliseconds after the page is loaded.

Your audience doesn't have a lot of time to read.
Asym makes reading easier.
People like that.

Proven results

Readers in 224 countries

Are you an international brand?
So are we.

1.5 years

API calls > 425 million

30ms average latency

99.999% reliability

Content processed > 20 GiB

Content retained after API calls: 0B

Current support for 4 different languages – more on the way

using this approach improves reading speed, comprehension, and enjoyment by up to 40%

60 years of science

This technique of emphasizing units of meaning with visual cues has been studied and field-tested by scientists from many different fields for the past 60 years, and results have been published in dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles. These studies show that using this approach improves reading speed, comprehension, and enjoyment by up to 40%. In our own efficacy studies the early results are promising. We see 10-33% lifts in display ad click throughs and 10-15% lifts in web landing pages call-to-action with Asym spacing.

It is straightforward: the lower the effort, the better the perceived experience

A 30.9% improvement in reading comprehension.

Graf, Richard, and Jane W. Torrey. (1966). "Perception of phrase structure in written language." Proceedings of the 74 annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

A 26.3% improvement in reading comprehension.

Mason, Jana M., and Janet Ross Kendall. (1979). "Facilitating Reading Comprehension through Text Structure Manipulation." Alberta Journal of Educational Research 25: 68–76.

A 40% improvement in reading comprehension.

Walker, S., Schloss, P., Fletcher, C. R., Vogel, C. A., & Walker, R. C. (2005). Visual-syntactic text formatting: A new method to enhance online reading. Reading Online, 8(6). Retrieved from

A 14.9% improvement in reading comprehension.

Negin, G. A. (1987). The effects of syntactic segmentation on reading comprehension of hearing impaired students. Reading Psychology: An International Quarterly, 8, 23–31.

A 31% increase in reading speed.

Magloire, J.G. (2002). Eye movements by good and poor readers during reading of regular and phrase-segmented texts. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

A 17.9% increase in reading speed.

Jandreau, S.J., Muncer, S.M., & Bever, T.G. (1986). Improving the readability of text with automatic phrase-sensitive formatting. British Journal of Educational Technology, 17, 128–133.

The Asym Widget and APIs are backed by fast, low-latency, high-reliability cloud-based infrastructure. Our spacing technology is built on solid science, our platform is built on years of experience with high-scale sites like PayPal, Google, and YouTube.
We take our role as steward of our customers' content seriously, holding our security, reliability, and privacy policies to the highest possible standard.

Change the game

New technology

Asym Spacing is a game-changer for any website with text content. From conversion funnels, to content engagement, to email response rates, Asym has a significant, measurable, and compounding impact.

New benchmarks

The proven science behind Asym improves reading comprehension by 10-40%. We can't supercharge or overclock our brains, but Asym Spacing can be the difference between understanding and not understanding, a letter-grade in education, or the difference between a reader giving up or overcoming.

Try it for free

With a 30-day free trial and a small $5/mo minimum, Asym Spacing is built to be affordable.

Our goal is to provide a significant bottom-line benefit to you and your organization. Because we only charge a fraction of the value Asym Spacing provides, you'll never have to worry about ROI or affordability. We think it's only fair that we benefit only if you and your users do.
Connect with us below to get started. The sooner the Asym Effect is applied, the more your success will compound over time!

one last thing...

Use the force wisely

Asym formatting helps people identify key ideas in text quickly.
If your content is relevent and positive to your users, this is a good thing.

Irrelevent content

If you have content that ISN'T what people are looking for, they will recognize that quicker

If you have significant amounts of irrelevent content, with Asym your bounce rate will go up.

Opposing content

Asym makes content more powerful. All content.

If you have opposing content, the Asym effect will work equally well for the positive and the negative. The net effect may be difficult to measure. Contact us below to see if your use case is a good match with Asym or to set up A/B testing.

Quality content

Asym pairs best with content your users want.

Ultimately, Asym makes content more obvious. If you have content that isn't aligned with your users, they will notice it more. If you have content your users are searching for, the Asym effect will compound and multiply your results.
You steer the ship. We make the wind stronger.

Want more info on why Asym works?

Learn more about the science of word spacing and what we do, or see more before and after examples.
You can also brush up on the percentage of readers who use english as a second language.