Lifting Conversion Rates with Asym


This whitepaper reviews three example case studies that prove Asym will have a significant impact on your eCommerce conversion and revenue.

What is Asym?

Asym is a technology that combines microtypography with neuroscience to create a completely new way to more deeply engage with your audience. And engagement is what powers your brand, and the storytelling that you provide for your products.

Asym will work in real time on any text content and stacks with all traditional content management and CRO products.

Our lives in the information age are complicated, distracting, and tiring, with constant demands to read and process increasingly more information. For readers who struggle, these demands make an already difficult task more daunting. Those fortunate enough to be above average in reading ability may not be performing at their best in today’s highly-distracting, always-connected environment.

Effective reading comprehension requires extracting meaning from writing and organizing it into meaningful chunks, such as words, phrases, and sentences.

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