We boost meaningful use.
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Asym provides an 8% lift to conversion rates, immediately.

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The biggest problem in the industry right now is people are still just focused on reach and numbers.
Digiday's "Overheard" series from Cannes 2018
Move beyond users to meaningful use.
Most readers pay little attention to content.
Asym shifts distracted readers into the meaningful use segment.
Instead of readers skimming but eventually ignoring your content, you get more readers intent on achieving a goal.


Ad-driven or subscription, you need more page views, longer dwell times, and fewer bounces.
Asym does that.

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You need more items added to the sales cart. Crucially, you need more paid checkouts.
Asym does that.

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Ad-driven or Subscription Content

Make your content easier to understand and your readers will like it more.

Asym combines neuroscience and microtypography to make your text easier to scan. It delivers a complex system that draws attention by subtly grouping words together naturally without style changes or obtrusive elements. And it can be fine-tuned to match the content you offer.

With Asym readers can find what they are looking for quicker and spend less effort making sense of the message and its meaning. You get a guaranteed ROI of 20-40x, a free trial period to see the results for yourself, and a pricing model that adjusts to suit your demands.

Bottom line for publishers, Asym delivers an advanced optimization solution bundled into a simple API delivery system.





Online Retail

Optimize your online store pages for improved sales

Asym's enhanced formatting allows you to increase your sales immediately. It integrates perfectly with analytics, A/B testing, and other tools that improve how your users interact with your site. It can even be customized after installation to suit the reading characteristics of you audience.

Used alone or stacked with other optimization tools, Asym is a quick and easy optimization solution.

Bottom line for eCommerce, why settle for lower conversion rates when adding Asym can give you an immediate lift of 7% or more in your shopping cart conversions?

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