Innovative technology without the FB hidden cost

Turning content into money can be a challenging proposition. It’s a noisy world filled with other companies trying to turn their content into money. How to get your content to surface above the noise and get noticed?

While we all agree people stare at their screens (including us), there is absolutely no guarantee they will actually pay attention to it or act on it. We’ve all experienced scrolling onto some really great content and thinking to ourselves “what a good idea,” then scrolling on and completely forgetting the original content. This typical scenario illustrates the difficulty in getting messages to go from the screen to the brain, and actually stay there.

To land customers and actually get an ROI on content, companies rely on pushing content onto screens. That is about ¼ of the battle. Getting the content out there is the easy part. Getting that content to stick is the challenge.

The perils of modern reading

To describe this very directly, getting your content from the screen into your viewers heads ain’t easy.

Attention transactions matter

It’s comforting to believe once your content is published, readers “just download” your carefully crafted message into their brains with 100% fidelity like a copy and paste. But modern reading environments are tough: noisy, frequently mobile, and often multiscreen. We all know multitasking is bad, yet we all do it because our modern devices and technology make it so easy. And today’s readers have fleeting attention spans that are just few swipes or clicks away from someone else’s content. Alerts, notifications, and breaking news are roadside hazards for your delivering your message. In the space between your published content and readers’ brains there’s a lot of room for information loss and message degradation. How to help your message get through?

The standard approach

Facebook does a great job of getting your content onto screens in front of people. It acts as technology that exists between you and your customers, and helps you get those customers. The events of that past months make the not-so-hidden cost is pretty clear. To get your content in front of people Facebook demands you place your content onto their platforms, where it happily exists as a data vampire, feeding on your content and making money selling and reselling your data.


tweet complaining about Facebook Data Breach


We don’t do that. Like Facebook we are technology that exists between your and your customers, but the similarities end there. Our approach keeps your content on your platforms. Our technology facilitates getting the message from the screen to your customers heads by making it easier to scan and remember information. And because we use a small (micro) charge per attention exchange as our business model, our interests are aligned. We succeed when your consumers read more.

Make it stick

Our innovative microtypography uses cues based on neuroscience to help get messages from screens to your customers’ brains. It makes messages sticky. There is no simpler way to put it.


Asym makes ideas stick better


It’s easy to get into the weeds here and dive into intricate details, but a 30,000 ft view of our technology looks like this.

Our team is stacked. We have a PhD in neuroscience who is a leading expert in word and letter recognition. Using a cutting-edge ingenious approach to visually group words  into chunks, he was able to identify the exact locations in text where readers’ eyes need cues in order to separate high-value and low-value sections of text.

Working with an ex-Google (and ex-YouTube, ex-eBay, and ex-PayPal) engineer, together they were able to deliver this cue-enhancing text chunking via a fast API to digital text. In approximately 60 milliseconds, the typography of every line on your page can be optimized for typical human reading patterns.

Readers scan and skim quicker, parse the document into sensible blocks of ideas, and retain those ideas more successfully than when reading text without the cues. This enhanced reading experience turns into more engagement (clicks), longer dwell times, greater page depth, and reduced bounce rates. The increased comprehension and engagement has real world consequences such as more add-to-cart transactions, more checkouts, and more conversions. It also happens to help people with low literacy read easier.

There is more to the inner workings of how we are able to lift conversion rates for every page of content on your site by 10-15% minimum, but don’t take our word for it. Test us. For free. Depending on the package you get, we can even tune the typography to suit the reading patterns and average reading level of your audience.

If you need a way to move the lever on every page in your site, regardless of if your site has 20 thousand or 20 million page views a month, it may be worth a try. We make your messages more sticky. You could even say we make them superstick.

You can reach us here.

Get it across innovatively. And nicely.

Our business model is built to serve you without the nasty surprises of the other business models that have been making the news. You can test us free, no commitment required to ensure the results we’ve driven for others work for you as well. Because there is no overhead expense and you can uninstall with no issues and no commitments, this is literally zero-risk.

Our technology is a different approach to winning customers. Like other approaches it exists to help get your content from screens into people’s heads, but the way we go about is very different from any other approach out there. We aren’t like others, but that may be a good thing.

Are you innovative enough to test us? Risk free?


Thanks for reading.

The Asym Team

Asym has expanded – you can now reach 49% more readers

We’re excited to announce Asym has doubled its language base: we now support two new languages, Spanish and French. Together with our existing support for English and German, Asym can now deliver text optimization to 68% of the top 10M websites and 39% of the world’s 3.6 billion internet users. That’s a growth in coverage of 27% more websites and 49% more readers since July 2015.

Asym can now boost readability for

 Total percentage of websites Asym can reach in top 10M websites
Rate of Asym Growth


We now have people using our content optimization technology in 224 countries and an almost complete saturation of all significant U.S. business hubs. 


Asym use Worldwide

asym use worldwide


The best news of all? Business and Personal users of the Asym platform don’t need to do anything to access the new language functionality. We’ve expanded the markets you can reach and made it completely effortless on your part.


Asym Use in the United States
Asym use in United States
Asym Use in Europe
Asym use in Europe


The API, javascript widget, and the desktop browser extensions (Chrome, Safari, & Firefox), have the increased functionality baked in. In addition we are currently working on some exciting new features that will bring increased personalization and personal control over your reading experience. These features will roll out over the next couple of quarters.
Scroll down to get details on how to get an Asym Subscription free for up to 6 months, plus see a visual map of different languages and more info on language use in the top 10m websites.


Word Spacing Optimized By Language

Frequency of Language use in top 10m websitesHere is a peek at how Asym can boost engagement rates for four out of the top six content languages on the internet (Japanese and Russian remain).
Asym automatically detects the language(s) on a web page. It measures the syntactic structure for each language and creates a map of word spacing cues based on structural patterns. Asym then uses that map to create unobtrusive visual cues that draw attention to important sections in the text (hence the term ‘text optimization’). Each language has a different map, therefore each language requires a different pattern of cues to help readers chunk the text. Each language also has a different word density. Asym accounts for this  and will automatically adjust spacing for languages with longer average word length such as German and French.


A Visual Representation of Languages

Each of these languages has its own unique syntactic fingerprint. For a deeper look at how Asym works, we’ve created syntactograms comparing word spacing maps for English, German, Spanish, and French. These syntactograms visually present some of the structural aspects of language we use to optimize visual cues in typography. Highlighted (bright bars) are relative adjustments to the spaces before and after certain words common syntactic words (ofthe, and, and a) in each language. Warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) indicate space expansions, while cooler colors (cyan, blue, and purple) indicate space compressions (cyan, blue, and purple).

Syntactic impact of the same word in different languages



Moving Forward in Changing Times

At Asymmetrica Labs we know reading behavior is changing. We know 87% of users use more than one screen at a time. We’re familiar with the study that suggests the average human attention span has gone from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013 (famously, a goldfish’s attention span is estimated at 9 seconds). We see the world moving towards an era where attention is becoming the scarcest (and thus most precious) commodity.

As markets transition towards an economy based on attention (the attention economy), we don’t view Asym  as new technology. We see Asym as a completely new medium. We are presenting text on a new surface, we are fundamentally changing the background of text, and we are doing it in a way that optimizes text for human consumption. Where some might see Asym as the right technology at the right time, we see Asym as a new medium designed for a new time

Interested in getting onboard early? We are offering a limited number of Asym subscriptions free for up to 6 months in exchange for participating in case studies on improved conversion rates. 

  • Install Asym before Dec 10 2016 to get 3 free months.
  • Install Asym before the end of October 2016 to get an additional 3 months, for a total of 6 free months.

We are looking for a few content optimization examples from several different industries, company types, and company sizes, and we can apply Asym to web, email, and print. If you are interested please reach out to us at before the spaces fill. Our new medium helps your audience read and engage with your content in four major languages. Installation takes a few minutes. Why wait? There is no better time to be part of the expansion.


Timelapse of Asym use across the United States
Timelapse of Asym use across the U.S.


Thanks for your time, and as always . . .

Enjoy your reading!

Chris, Ken, and Edward


P.S. Asymmetrica continues its work on new languages, along with improvements and deeper research into the languages we already support. Are there languages that are important to you or your business that we don’t yet support? Let us know!


87% users use more than 1 screen at a time – Accenture report

Attention span drop from 12 seconds to 8 seconds– Microsoft study Downloadable PDF