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ready to boost conversion rates?

Installation is simple.

Self-Install Asym

Go to and use the steps below to install Asym yourself. We've also included steps for setting up how to A/B test Asym with Optimizely.

Contact Us

1) Click on
2) Together we will get Asym set up on your site
We are happy to help.

You can also drop by:
Asymmetrica Labs
600 California St - 11 Floor
San Francisco

Use on Shopify

1) Head to the shopify app store
2) Search for "asym"
3) Click on the image
4) Click "Get".

Asym will start optimizing your text immediately.

installation steps

Pictures are easier to see on Desktop

Easily embed the Asymmetrica JavaScript widget on any web page

Asymmetrica offers a very small footprint (12kB) JavaScript widget that can be easily embedded in any web page. It works for any user, on any modern web browser. Large enterprise users can use our API solution.

The widget will transparently and dynamically add Asym Spacing to your site content. In fact, you're seeing the results of our widget right now.

Step 1

Head to and fill in your info, then click 'Get your keys".
We will send a confirmation email to your email address.

Step 2

Confirm your email address.

Step 3

On, use your browser refresh button (usually to the left or right of the browser address bar at the top of your screen) to reload the page.

Step 4

You will now see this screen.

Step 5

Enter a label for the widget key, click the "+" button to enter your domain name, then click "create widget key".

Step 6

Click on "show code snippets".

Step 7

You can now copy and paste a pure HTML snippet, a jQuery snippet, or a JavaScript snippet into your site.
For details on which snippet to use and where to paste, scroll to the section below.

snippet details

HTML & Wordpress snippet

Insert into the footer of HTML and Wordpress sites.
For Wordpress sites, insert code into the 'footer.php' file.
For HTML sites insert anywhere in the footer before the last 'body' tag.

jQuery snippet

Use for sites that require jQuery or if you want to A/B test using Optimizely Classic.
For steps on how to test Asym using Optimizely, scroll to the next section down.

JavaScript Snippet

Use for sites that require JavaScript or if you want to A/B test using Optimizely X.
For steps on how to test Asym using Optimizely, scroll to the next section down.

optimizely details

Basic set-up for A/B testing Asym using Optimizely

Step 1

Login to your optimizely account, then click "create web project".

Step 2

Head to the left panel, select "experiments", then select "create new".

Step 3

Now select "A/B test" from the dropdown box.

Step 4

Enter your name and experiment description into the fields, Select target by "URL", and enter your domain name. Then click "create experiment".

Step 5

Select "Variations" from the left panel, click "edit" for Variation 1, then click "Click edit button to continue".

Step 6

Click on "Variation Code Editor" in the top right beside the address bar.

Step 7

You will see an empty field here.

Step 8

Cut and paste your Optimizely Classic or Optimizely X code snippet into the empty field.

Step 9

You can select "Preview" to see the site with Asym applied, or simply press "Save & Apply".

Asym is now set up for A/B testing!
If you choose you can continue deeper into Optimizely and set up the variables for how often to display different variations of your site. Whatever your steps are after pressing "Save & Apply", you can be confident Asym will deliver higher conversion rates. The results will show for themselves.
If you want to see Asym on different sites you can download our browser extension here. Every site you visit will get the Asym Effect.