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Asymmetrica Labs Inc,
600 California St, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

We are located in San Francisco's Financial District and are an 8 minute walk from the nearest BART station.


Get Asym for your site.
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Asym formatted text is a more natural reading experience. It's designed for humans.

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1) Easily embed the Asymmetrica JavaScript widget on any web page

Asymmetrica offers a very small footprint (12kB) JavaScript widget that can be easily embedded in any web page. It works for any user, on any modern web browser.
(enterprise users can use our API solution).

The widget will transparently and dynamically add Asym Spacing to your site content. In fact, you're seeing the results of our widget right now.

Contact us above for the JavaScript widget or API solution.

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2) Sample installations:

There are a few different ways to integrate Asym into your site – all of them are straightforward. To keep your site fast, we have designed the widget to wait until all page content is loaded (including fonts) before triggering. You can embedd it anywhere on a page, although we recommend placing it last on the page (it's generally best practice to load external scripts last).

NOTE: The "VALUE" setting will be the key provided to you by Asymmetrica. You can request a key here. We've listed three example forms below, but don't hesitate to contact us below if you need more information!

This method works when you have access to the original HTML:

<script>var QXN5bVdpZGdldCBDbGllbnQgS2V5 = 'VALUE';</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This method works when you want to use jQuery to load the widget; for example, for use within Optimizely™ in A/B testing:

window.QXN5bVdpZGdldCBDbGllbnQgS2V5 = 'VALUE';$(function(){var scriptElem = document.createElement('script'); scriptElem.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript"); scriptElem.setAttribute("src", ""); document.body.appendChild(scriptElem);});

This method works if you need a pure JavaScript solution:

window.QXN5bVdpZGdldCBDbGllbnQgS2V5 = 'VALUE';var scriptElem = document.createElement('script'); scriptElem.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript"); scriptElem.setAttribute("src", ""); document.body.appendChild(scriptElem);

3) Test it on different sites

Want to see how our spacing looks on different sites? You can download our browser extension here. Every site you visit will get the Asym Effect.